What I like with our storage in Boston

I know, dear friends. This was not the topic that you expected from today’s text. Many of you probably wanted to hear about something else. Especially since I promised that I’d be writing about something very specific. This will not be the case. Partly because I don’t feel like it. And partly because the parcel hasn’t come yet. Especially the latter.

So, our storage in Boston it is. It so happen that it was now 2 years ago that we moved to the east coast. We struggled a lot in the beginning. Not least to find a good storage space in Boston. We tried out different solutions but nothing really worked. We just grew too fast, and that’s the truth. Our own growth caused serious consequences. Would it have kept on going like that for a while, it would have been really bad.

But we found one! Actually, a lot of it because of me. The storage in Boston I hired looked really good. Several of us were skeptical because of recent experiences. That’s understandable but I saw the good things with this storage in Boston instantly. At least, that’s what I want to believe. Here is a very short list of the perks I see in the company in Boston handling our storage situation:

Adjustable deal

If you ever run a business, in Boston or elsewhere, and need storage: Make sure that the company allows you to change your deal along the way. This is especially important if you run a business in a growth phase. That was what happened to us when we moved to Boston and needed storage. We grew very fast, and that caused us to need bigger space. This was not a problem for the company we had hired.

Transparent and good communication

Always ideal, don’t you think? The storage company in Boston are super easy to get through to. That’s one of the reasons that we’re staying. We always knows what’s going on since they are telling us. Does it seem like the simplest thing in the world? I can tell you that it isn’t.

I was just going to get into the last out of the three perks with our storage company in Boston. Unfortunately, I can already hear that my ride has arrived outside. I’ll write you from NY, OK?

Talk to you later!

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